Data Spectrum SPECT Phantoms


Data Spectrum is the world’s leading supplier of high quality SPECT phantoms and offers the widest range of inserts for the effective evaluation of multiple performance characteristics of any ECT camera, whether it is a SPECT or positron system.

The basic systems consist of an acrylic source tank containing six sets of solid rods in a pie arrangement with six solid spheres mounted on rods above. The inserts are removable and other optional inserts can be fitted.

On-axis and off-axis transverse line spread functions may be easily measured without the necessity of removing the cover plate. Hence measurements of full-width-half (or tenth) maximum can be easily determined, either in air or water.

Three models available: the Deluxe model for high quality SPECT cameras; the Standard Model for lower resolution systems and the Elliptical Model for non-circular or elliptical SPECT orbits.

22043-750 Deluxe SPECT phantom. Rod diameters: 4.8 – 12.7mm Sphere diameters: 12.7 – 38.1mm
22043-762 Standard SPECT phantom. Rod diameters: 6.4 – 15.9mm Sphere diameters: 12.7 – 38.1mm
22043-770 Benchmark SPECT phantom. Rod diameters: 9.5 – 25.4mm Sphere diameters: 12.7 – 38.1mm
22043-722 Elliptical SPECT phantom. Rod diameters: 6.4 – 15.9mm Sphere diameters: 12.7 – 38.1mm
Optional inserts
22043-730 Triple line insert. Centre of rotation error evaluation.
22043-763 Hollow spheres. Set of six precision hollow spheres which can be filled individually Diameters of 9.9 – 31.2mm
22043-761 Micro Hollow spheres. Set of three precision hollow spheres. Volume: 100, 200 and 300 microlitres. 3.9 – 7.8mm
22043-751 Hot Spot insert. Six sets of hollow channels Diameters of 4.8 – 12.7mm
22043-777 Cardiac insert. Provides multi-function simulation of the left ventricle and can be used to evaluate SPECT imaging of cold defects within the “myocardium”. Supplied with hot and cold defects