Generator Hoist


The Generator Hoist is designed as an aid to lift and transport Tc99 generators within Nuclear Medicine departments in hospitals.

The lifting action is electrically driven by a 24V motor powered by a rechargeable battery. A hand controller is used to operate the movement.

The boom can be manually extended by means of telescopic slides then locked into position.

Generators are attached to a self-latching hook at the end of the boom. The hoist has been specifically tailored to accommodate the Curium range of generators and includes a grab hook to lift the Tekcis generator out of its transport container.

The hoist can be easily moved around a smooth floor on four swivel castors then locked into position.

The chassis and panelling are made from high quality grade steel with a tough powder coated finish.

Designed to give many years of service with minimal maintenance.



Technical Specifications

  • Footprint Area (max): 980mm x 530mm
  • Overall Height: 1750mm
  • Distance Between Front Forks: 450mm
  • Height Under Boom: Min 325mm, Max  1640mm
  • Boom Lift Rate: 1800mm/min (no load)
  • Boom Arm Extension: Min 530mm, Max 945mm
  • Max Safe Working Load: 25Kg
  • Weight: 71Kg
  • Operating Voltage: 24V dc (sealed lead acid battery)
  • Nominal Power Consumption: 85W


For more details and dimensions please download the User Guide

Code Description
15BT-GENHOIST Generator hoist

User Manual Download