Vertical Downflow Hoods


Company Backgrounds

Bright Technologies and Walker Safety Cabinets are both well established and successful companies within their own rights but have now embarked on a joint venture to deliver a forward thinking solution that meets current and future guidance, legislation and end user requirements.

Bright Technologies Ltd, often known as BriTec, has a renowned reputation for its expertise in Radiation Protection, Radioactive Material Handling, Shielding, Radio-Pharmaceutical Q.C., and MRI Accessories.

A key feature of BriTec is our Sheffield based in-house design and manufacturing facility. We have wide ranging experience of working with many NHS Trusts, Further Education Institutes and commercial companies. Our in-house design team and production facility allows us to take your ideas and designs, develop them and, put them into production. This versatility allows BriTec to undertake both low and high volume production runs.

In addition we are able to bespoke manufacture room installations so that the room space is optimally utilised in terms of both space and user friendliness. What do we mean by this? The installation fits both the user’s requirements and the room – not the other way round!

Although Walker Safety Cabinets are relatively unknown to the nuclear medicine community the Walker brand goes back a long way. Walker Safety Cabinets are a fully independent, family run company that has been specialising in the design, installation and servicing of microbiological safety cabinets, laboratory fume cupboards, laminar flow cabinets, isolators and other specialist ventilated containment systems since 1989. Known throughout the UK, Europe and around the world as one of the scientific industry’s leading containment specialists.

The Product:

Where optimum product protection is required, The Walker
Vertical Downflow system is the UK’s leading clean air solution
for nuclear medicine bench top procedures. Its key features are:

  • Tested to BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 5.
  • Spacious, open working area.
  • Available in various sizes .
  • Clear side screens for maximum visibility.
  • Low energy high efficiency fans.
  • Protects the product from airborne contaminants at all times.
  • Recirculating airflows manage the lab environment cleanliness

Apart from that standard range of products we also offer a
bespoke design and build capability, this allows you to overcome
any issues with space, process or equipment conflicts.


  • Key switch for the on/off function.
  • Socket on/off push switch.
  • Alarm Mute switch.
  • Audible and Visual Low Airflow Alarm.

Optional Extras:

  • Additional Power outlets.
  • Front screens.
  • Network sockets.
  • UV Lamps.
  • Front Closure Panels.


  Details BT9 BT10 BT12 BT15 BT18
Width (DIM A) mm 900 1000 1200 1500 1800
Depth mm 675 675 675 675 675
Height mm 1230 1230 1230 1230 1230
Air Flow (at 0.45m/s) m³/s 0.28 0.32 0.38 0.47 0.57
Load Watts 120 130 130 180 235
Filter HEPA H14 99.995% High efficiency          
Lighting <750 Lux at working area          
Noise 57 to 62 dBA          

With a team of experienced service engineers located around the UK we offer annual maintenance, product certification and a 24/7 service and support function. If we cannot help over the phone then we guarantee that an engineer will always be with you promptly.