Waste Control Monitor


To avoid that contaminated radioactive waste in the nuclear-technical or nuclear-medical field is mixed with conventional waste and/or disposed as such, it makes sense to control all waste bags and boxes with a measuring instrument. In order to let the cleaning staff work with the measuring system in routine, the monitor has to be user-friendly and safe. For this purpose we offer our Waste Control Monitor.

System Characteristics

  • For simple and safe checking of waste bags and boxes for contaminations or radioactive contents
  • Designed for waste bags or HALIPAC-boxes, measuring chamber approx. 50 x 50 x 60 cm (W x D x H)
  • U-shaped detector arrangement, 4 highly sensitive NaI scintillation detectors, each 70 x 70 mm, one detector per side and one at the bottom
  • Housing open in front for easy loading
  • Housing made of stainless steel and plastic with transport rolls
  • Integrated light barrier for automatic switching from background measurement to activity measurement
  • Automatic start of measurement, definable measuring time, display of remaining measuring time
  • Measurement value display in CPS with background subtraction
  • Red/green signal for measurement result, integrated acoustics
  • Integrated calibration software for quality check.
  • Protocol print function
  • m-controller-based measurement electronics
  • Large-area LCD display (4 lines with 20 characters each)
  • Setting of parameters, e.g. alarm threshold, only possible via protected menu (access code)