Bind-It™ products


For more than 20 years Bind-It™ been used by major hospitals, nuclear pharmacies, laboratories and research centres to keep their laboratories, departments, preparation areas and patient rooms clean and free of residual radioactive iodine

Bind-It™ is different from other radioactive decontaminants. Other decontaminants are designed to remove a wide array of isotopes. As such, most radioactive cleaners actually repel, rather than bind and remove radioiodine. Bind-ItTM Decontamination Fluid has a unique affinity for I-123 / I-125 / I-130. The strong attraction binds the radioiodine and suspends it in solution so that when combined with water it becomes a subsidising cleaner that 'lifts' dirt and residual radioiodine off surfaces so it can easily be wiped away.

Bind-It™ products are ideal for both institutional and patient use after administration of I-131. Bind-It™ Decontamination Fluid is safe for use on delicate well counter detectors, thyroid probes, survey meters and gamma camera heads. For patients going home after thyroid procedures, Bind-It™ can be used for home clean-up as well. In the bathroom there is Bind-It™ Decontaminant for toilet and sink cleaning, as well as Bind-It™ hand soap. It is also ideal for showers, floors, tools, bed sheets,

The Bind-It™ range consists of concentrated cleaner, ready-to-use-spray and hand soap, all designed specifically for the removal of radioactive iodine.

Code Product Quantity
15-LTI004 Bind-It™ Radioactive Decontamination Concentrate 16 fl oz (473ml)
15-LTI030 Bind-It™ Radioactive Decontamination Spray 32 fl oz (946ml)
15-LTI046 Bind-It™ Radioactive Decontamination HAnd Soap 8 fl oz (237ml)
15-LTI047 Bind-It™ Radioactive Decontamination Hand Soap 32 fl oz (946ml)