Como 170 Monitors


Code Description
12BT-COMO170 CoMo 170 Contamination Monitor
12BT-COMO170AWM Active Wall Mount
12BT-COMO170FT Floor Trolley
Subject to technical change without notice.

Nuklear-Medizintechnik Dresden GmbH

Portable Contamination Monitor with thin plastic scintillation detector for highly sensitive measurement of α-, β- and γ- contamination

Regulations for Radiation Protection Ordinance require that anyone working with unsealed radioactive materials must be checked regularly to see whether work areas, protective clothing or the body surface has become contaminated.


System Features

• The innovative detector technology with thin-layer plastic scintillator provides key benefits over gas-filled or gas flow proportional detectors. These include reduced operating expenses, i.e. consumable gas and high repair costs in the

case of Xenon detectors

• α-, β- and γ-radiation can be measured using one detector.

The measuring system automatically detects the presence of α-radiation. Simultaneous, selective measurement of α- and β-/γ-contaminations is possible

• user-friendly, menu-driven configuration

• important measurement parameters are protected

by pass code number

• calibrated reference nuclide file with integrated auto calibration

• lightweight

• integrated storage of measurement data, software for readout and processing of measurement data

• connection option for different external detectors,

e.g. for dose rate measurement

• automatic detector identification

• fixed location operation with wall mount including of inductive charging, controlling of measurement time and switching between background measurement and contamination measurement.

Technical Data
Detector type thin-layer plastic scintillation detector with ZnS coating
Detector size 170cm²
Background α: approx. 0.1cps
α/β: approx. 15 – 25cps
Background subtraction with adjustable background measurement time
Measurement electronics μ-controller supported electronics
Keyboard foil keyboard, 5 function keys
Alarm separately adjustable for each nuclide, acoustic alarm
Result display either in cps or nuclide-specific in Bq or Bq/cm²
Nuclides 25 nuclides, preset calibration factors, user-specific nuclides may be added integrated auto calibration
Measurement time continuous, for stationary operation adjustable in s
Display large-area, graphical LC display 128x64 pixels, with illumination, duration of illumination adjustable
Power supply 2 batteries, AA Mignon or corresponding rechargeable batteries, (NiCd, NiMH), can be charged via charge unit, in stationary mode via wall station with inductive charge conservation
Temperature range –10°C to 40°C, no condensation
special version up to –20°C
Dimensions 280x125x135mm (L(with handle)xWxH)
Weight ca. 750g (including batteries)
Housing ergonomically shaped plastic housing
Interfaces serial interface RS-232
boost charge/line operated
external detectors
Efficiencies for various radionuclides Average values from measurements with 100cm² compound
C-14 approx. 14 %
F-18 approx. 18 %
P-32 approx. 25 %
S-35 approx. 12 %
CI-36 approx. 42 %
K-40 approx. 30 %
Co-57 approx. 7 %
Co-60 approx. 27 %
Sr-89 approx. 27 %
Sr-90/Y-90 (related to Sr-90) approx. 42 %
Tc-99m approx. 3 %
In-111 approx. 8 %
I-123 approx. 7 %
I-125 approx. 12 %
I-131 approx. 21 %
Cs-137 approx. 35 %
Au-198 approx. 23 %
Ti-204 approx. 43 %
Am-241 α approx. 22 %
P-238 α approx. 12 %
U-238 α approx. 26 %

1. Stationary operation active wall station

2. With connected detector for dose rate measurement

3. CoMo placed in floor control device


  1. Indication of position of the Geiger Müller counter tube
  2. Inner view Geiger Müller counter tube on detector housing

2 functions – 1 measuring instrument

Use your contamination monitor CoMo-170 also as a dose rate meter. In daily practice of radiation protection, not only contamination monitoring but also dose rate measurement is required. The new contamination monitor CoMo-170 offers the combination for both measuring tasks in one instrument. In the front surface of the CoMo-170 (picture), a Geiger-Müller counter tube is integrated additionally, so that you can measure both contamination and dose rate (e.g. in μSv/h). An economical and practical solution.



• Integrated GM-counter tube for dose rate measurement

from 1μSv/h till 20mSv/h

• New dose variable H*(10) according to German radiation protection ordinance

• Energy range approx. 40KeV – 1.3 MeV

• Detector position indicated on front surface

• Simple switch to dose rate measurement in quick menu

• Automatic measuring value display in nSv/h – μSv/h or mSv/h, autoranging-operation

• Digital and analogue measuring value display

• Definable alarm threshold for dose rate measurement

• Measuring values can be stored. Stored measuring data can be printed or transferred to a PC-system for further processing

• Simple operation with user guidance

• Economical solution – less than 50% of the price for a separate dose rate meter.


Code Description
12BT-COMO170ST CoMo Smear Test Counter
12BT-COMO170DRM CoMo Dose Rate Meter
12BT-COMO170FT Floor Trolley
Subject to technical change without notice.

Make a smear test counter from your mobile contamination monitor CoMo-170. In daily practice of radiation protection, not only direct contamination monitoring with the mobile contamination monitor is required, but also the indirect contamination monitoring by means of taking a smear test sample, especially to find out if the contamination is sticking.

Thanks to the new smear test station you can create a comfortable smear test counter together with the CoMo-170.


  • Reproducible geometry of the smear test sample to the
    detector system.
  • For α- and β/γ-contamination measurements.
  • Sample drawer prepared for 60/120mm Ø sample plates and
    smear test swabs on carrying paper (max. 100x130mm).
  • Automatic background measurement and subtraction.
  • Definable measuring parameters (nuclide, detection surface,
    smear factor, measuring time, alarm threshold).
  • As desired entry of a fixed measuring time or automatic
    measuring time calculation according to defined statistical
    error (%).
  • Integrated auto calibration routine, 8 definable nuclides.
  • Power supply of the smear test counter via adapter, incl.
    charging of the rechargeable batteries in the CoMo.\
  • Data storage. Stored data can be printed or transferred
    to a PC-system for further processing.
  • Simple operation with user guidance (text hints: e.g. No
    Contamination! Take out sample).
  • Low-budget solution.