Hand, Foot & Clothing Monitors


Hand-Foot-Clothing Contamination Monitor with large-area, thin-layer plastic scintillation detectors

Regulations for Radiation Protection Ordinance require that anyone working with unsealed radioactive materials must be checked regularly to see whether work areas, protective clothing or the body surface has become contaminated.

System Characteristics

  • Modern detector technology based on thin-layer plastic scintillation detectors
  • No gas-filled detectors - therefore considerable reduction of operating costs
  • User-friendly, menu-driven configuration
  • No gas supply required
  • Suitable for a and b/g-contamination measurement
  • Measuring electronics based on industrial grade PC
  • Operator-friendly user interface, large-area colour-LCD display for indication of measurement values
  • Nuclide selection menu, user-related nuclide pre-selection possible
  • Hand probe detachable - therefore no additional frisker probe required
  • Integrated calibration software for quality check.
  • Ergonomic housing design
  • Network-compatible
  • Link of HFC-monitors to central database with parameter setting features
Technical Data
Detector type Large-area, thin-layer plastic scintillation detectors (PSD) with ZnS-coating for a and b/g measurements with integrated photomultiplier and detector electronics For typical sensitivities see chart
Measuring channels
- hands 2 PS-detectors (as desired also with 4 hand detectors)
1 detector per hand
Start of measurement through light barriers 
- feet 2 PS-detectors, 1 detector per foot
- body Right hand detector detachable for body measurement
Background subtraction With adjustable BG-measuring time, σ-threshold for new BG-measurement
Measuring electronics Integrated industrial grade computer based on PC 104
Keyboard Foil keyboard
Alarm Separately adjustable for each detector
Measuring value display Selectable in cps or nuclide-related in Bq or Bq/cm²., integrated nuclide library
Measuring time Adjustable in s
Display Large-area, graphic colour LCD display 10.4“
Power requirement 110 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 60 VA
Dimensions 1160 mm x 830 mm x 700 mm (H x W x D)
Weight Approx. 45 kg)
Housing Ergonomically shaped plastic steel housing
Interfaces Serial interface RS-232
Parallel printer interface
External keyboard
Network connection
Relay output for alarms
  1. Detector display count rates of all detectors for function check
  2. Transponder for person-related measurement
  3. Version with 2 detectors per hand, horizontally mounted"
  4. Version with 2 detectors per hand, "vertically mounted"
Typical sensitivities
C-14 8%
CI-36 42%
Co-60 22%
Sr/Y-90 45%
Tc-99m 4%
I-125 13%
I-131 20%
Am-241 a 13%


The wall contamination monitor is an HFC monitor, reduced in size for the measurement of hands and clothing. The left and right can be measured simultaneously. Integrated light barriers check the correct position and control the measuring time. The right hand probe can be taken out for flexible body or protective clothing check.