New Products

We are pleased to announce that we have a new range of products. All of these products have been designed from scratch with infection control in mind. We have eliminated dirt traps whilst ensuring that you may use your preferred cleaning agents. Powder coated products can be less suitable for a clean room environments, therefore, we now offer a range of products either in medical grade 316 Stainless Steel or Corian.

Let us show you some of our new range:

PET-MRI Syringe Shields


We are now manufacturing PET-MRI compatible syringe shields. These have been tested and found to be suitable for MRI scanner magnets up to 3 Tesla.

Material Specifications
Barrel: Tungsten 100%
Window: lead glass 11-13mm (4mm LE)
Screw: Non magnetic

CodeDescriptionWall thicknessWeight (g)Length (mm)ID (mm)OD (mm)
1BT-PETMRI01FOR 1ml7.5mm500728.524
1BT-PETMRI01LFOR 1ml Luer Lok7.5mm500751226
1BT-PETMRI02FOR 2ml & 3ml7.5mm400531226
1BT-PETMRI03For 3ml7.5mm400651226
1BT-PETMRI05FOR 5ml7.5mm600601631
1BT-PETMRI10FOR 10ml7.5mm700751833

Monitor Hand Shield


Lead shielded hand box to accomodate a variety of Mini Monitor/Radhound type monitors using different diameter inserts.

CodeDescriptionLead thickness (mm)
6BT-Hand ShieldLead shielded hand box to accomodate a variety of Mini Monitor/Radhound type monitors.6

Improved Products:

511KeV Tungsten Syringe Shields


511KeV tungsten syringe shield for use with PET isotopes. In our new design, we have integrated an anti-roll feature. It uses a screwlock mechanism to hold the syringe in place when in use.

Material Specifications
Barrel: Tungsten 90% plus Ni & Cu balanced
Window: lead glass 11-13mm (4mm LE)
Screw: M4x16 socket cap

Mini Viewing Barrier


L-shaped lead barriers fitted with cantilevered lead glass window(s) to provide the user with an unobstructed view of the working area whilst still being fully protected. The lead glass window is angled at 45° to the vertical. Small size and light weight makes these barriers ideal for use in laminar flow cabinets. The steel frame has a durable powder coating. The mini-barrier is available in three versions with varying degrees of shielding.

Material Specifications
Lead: 6mm or 10mm BSEN1258
Finish: powder coated white gloss
Base and non-glazed vertical sections have a stainless steel working surface.

Large Viewing Barrier


Larger barriers with heavier construction designed for open bench work. Provide greater protection than Mini-Barrier but are not suitable for use in laminar flow cabinets. Choice of lead thickness with FULL EQUIVALENT LEAD GLASS WINDOWS. Working surfaces are of stainless steel and the base contains a removable stainless steel tray designed to contain spills and allow for easy decontamination.

Lead Lined Shields For Radioactive Waste


Our range of lead lined sharps shields comprises three basic sizes and a choice of two lead thicknesses, 3mm or 6mm. The shields are of steel construction with a lead lining. The outer surfaces have a durable epoxy stove enamel finish and inner surfaces are covered with a white plastic liner. The top is removable for the replacement of the disposable sharps container. The top is fitted with a flip open lid to provide easy access to the opening in the container. The lid can be operated with the back of the hand to avoid possible contamination.

Material Specifications
Outer case: mild steel (CR4) powder coated
Lead: rolled lead BSEN12588 Code 7 or Code 5
Liner: Rigid plastic

PET Dispensing Pot


A simple and effective way of manually dispensing PET isotopes, the PET Pot has been designed specifically for drawing a dose out of a shielded vial into one of our PET Syringe Shields while minimising finger doses.

This product should be used behind a shielded barrier such as our 5BT-VLF30 PET Barrier. We strongly advise that no air is to be injected into the vial when using this product as this could cause a leak to start coming through the bleed needle. It may be a good idea to practice on dyed vials first to familiarise yourself with the product and the procedure you are working with. If you have any questions about the product or procedure then please contact us.



Place syringe into Bri-Tec PET syringe shield. Load syringe from vial dispensing station. Remove loaded syringe in shield and place into mobile pot using the appropriate plastic sleeve. Ensure that the syringe is capped and that it fits into the pot vertically.

Place lead shielded caps on top and bottom. Take to patient and, after locking the castors, gently release the clamp knob to rotate the pot through 80° to face the patient. Tighten up the clamp knob, remove leaded caps and inject the patient. Rotate the pot after use to the vertical position and dispose of the used syringe where appropriate.

Isotope Calibrator Veenstra Model VDC-606


This state-of-the-art touch-screen dose calibrator combines the best of both worlds: it has the extended functionality of a software-based computer and the stability of a stand-alone unit. Like all Comecer dose calibrators, each model is used in combination with a completely digital VIK-202 or VIK-203 ionization chamber.

The device has an ergonomic and intuitive touch-based design and is optimized to support the work flow of the user. Performing the daily quality control will only take a tap or two on the brilliant and crisp 10” screen.