Paediatric Immobilisers


Bright Technologies now have available a range of immobilising aids for infants and young children. They are applicable in the fields of Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray, CT and ECT. All components are Non-Allergenic and can be readily cleaned or sterilised

All the materials in the make-up of the Hugger are radiolucent and show no trace of foreign artefacts or shadows. It is effective in all radiographic paediatric examinations. Those studied during development include skull series APs and laterals, flat upright and lateral abdomen and chest, all crosstable work, all extremities and “frog-leg” hips.

 The entire unit is component in nature and individual parts may be purchased when necessary.

The foam insert and restraining straps are easily removed for cleaning and/or sterilisation and tests have shown that machine washing is the best method. All straps fasten to the rigid Plexiglas base which holds the techni-foam insert using Velcro fasteners. The base has rounded corners and top edges for safety. Laminated to the underside of the Plexiglas base are two non-slip foam strips to eliminate any movement of the unit in relation to the film and table. The techni-foam insert has the proper anatomical design to achieve a womb-like warmth and security where it hugs rather than confines, an effect which pacifies the infant resulting in maximum co-operation.

The Techni-foam insert is lightweight and soft textured. It has innate thermal characteristics absorbing and retaining body heat to keep the infant comfortable. The restraining straps are made from a strong, durable foam and nylon combination and are located so as not to interfere with the examination. The straps are soft and flexible and will not mar the patient. The Velcro fasteners on the base keep the straps in place. The Hugger is available in two sizes, one for premature born and newborn infants up to 3 months (CFI-425) and the other for children of age 4 months to 3 years (CFI-4426).

Overall dimensions of the CFI-425 are 510 x 230 x 80mm.

Overall dimensions of the CFI-426 are 760 x 305 x 105mm.

Code Description
16CFI-425 Infant Hugger (complete)
16CFI-426 Child Hugger (complete)


Incorporates all the immobilisation concepts of the Planar Hugger but has a radiused base to allow closer imaging and reduced possibility of artefacts. The Plexiglas trough is supported by Plexiglas brackets which hold it upright and prevent tipping but do not interfere with imaging. Aluminium equivalency <1.5mm. Total weight 5.5Kg.

The Tomo-Hugger, contains two inserts, one child size and the other infant size, with one set of universal restraining straps.

Code Description
16CFI-200 CT Hugger (complete)